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Computers, Servers, Electronic Items

We specialize in packaging and shipping of computers, monitors, printers, copiers, TVs of any size, and other small or large electronic equipments. Being in this business for 21+ years with accolades for our accomplishments, we have Fortune 500 companies shipping their expensive computers, servers, printers to most anywhere in the world. We will pick up, custom pack, custom crate, ship them with full value insurance, and deliver at your place at your convenient time.

Packaging Computers & Electronic Items

Computers, servers, disk arrays or printers are heavy, fragile, and they have delicate, moving parts inside. We have processes and techniques in place to protect, wrap, pack in a box, or crate.

Protect: We protect them with appropriate materials. For instance, cartridges inside printers need to be taken out and packed separately. Disk drives on servers or computers need to be sealed with appropriate materials. Surface is protected using anti-static bubble wrap. 2" foam cushioning on the floor of the crate for cushioning during transport of highly sensitive equipment.

Categories of Computers, Electronic Equipments We Ship

  • Computer servers, PCs, disk arrays, CPUs, printers, laptops, routers, computer racks, etc.
  • Medical equipments - Dental chairs, UV Machines, imaging equipment, Chiropractic-beds, etc.
  • Audio speakers, keyboards, guitars, amplifiers, jukeboxes.
  • TVs - Flat or heavy ones, copiers, printers.
  • Commercial electronics.
  • Industrial equipment and machinery, restaurant equipment.


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